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Re: [K12OSN] Sound : my nemesis

Barry R Cisna wrote:

On your -64 bit server try to see exactly what esound packages end up
installed. do the following:

rpm -qa|grep esound

This should yield something very close to the following.( My install
here is EL5 though):


You may want to try and download manually these three packages for your
FC7 distro first,,then do an:

rpm -e --nodeps ltsp_esound*.rpm
rpm -e --nodeps ltsp_esound_server*.rpm
rpm -e --nodeps esound*.rpm

to get these packaged removed,then install the three esound packages you
downloaded. It would be worth a shot.

Those commands will not do anything (package names don't end in .rpm usually, you're using filenames, but that won't work with rpm -e) and I'm not also sure why exactly you are suggesting this. Why not just use yum?

Nils Breunese.

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