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Re: [K12OSN] Wish my Centos5 server was a Mac

Thanks Les, Tim and Nils. With this good info I ought to be able to get things going once I am back in the office - You guys rock!

Les Mikesell wrote:
Alan Hodson wrote:
Howdy list

Wishing a perfectly good Centos5 server was a Mac server applies only to the ease of re-setting the root/admin password with the boot disk. The mounting /etc/shadow and blanking out the password content (between :: ::) does not seem to work for the machine I have. Tried Knoppix and PCLinux Live CDs to no avail...

Does anybody have a solution to change root password via a passwd reinstall or reactivation or some such measure?

1st choice:
Hit a key to bring up the grub boot menu. Highlight the entry you want to boot, hit 'e', move to the kernel line, hit 'e'. Add ' single' to the end of the line, then hit 'b' to boot. You'll get a root shell prompt where you can run the passwd command. Type 'exit' to quit and reboot.

2nd choice - good for more complicated damage:
Boot the install CD with 'linux rescue' at the boot prompt. Let it mount the installed system. Type the chroot command that it will suggest. Do whatever maintenance you need to fix the system. Type 'exit' twice when done (once to exit the chroot shell, once for the top level).

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