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Re: [K12OSN] Sound : my nemesis


1.here are a couple more suggestions to narrow things down. On the
server do an :

locate esound

do you see these entries> ppc not really relevant here;

2. on the thin client ,drop to a bash prompt and:
do you see any sound card entries listed? if you DO see sound card
modules listed ,,
3. install the xmms package and see if you can get sound via xmms. I
know this seems like going off course but i found many moons ago if i
could get sound on clients,with xmms,eventually i would get sound even
in web pages by using xmms as a test bed so to speak..
4. while at a bash prompt on the thin client do an:
and post what is being detected as the sound card for this client.

as far as manually removing the esd packages with --nodeps switch you
will not kill anything providing you do reinstall once again the same
three packages.
BTW: do you ever get sound on the actual server. this should not make a
bit of difference ,though in regard to client sound?,Just curious. What
kind of sound cards are in the clients you are testing?
Keep scratching.

Barry Cisna

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