[K12OSN] Sound : my nemesis

David Hopkins dahopkins429 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 16:47:15 UTC 2008

> 1.here are a couple more suggestions to narrow things down. On the
> server do an :
> locate esound
> do you see these entries> ppc not really relevant here;
> /etc/profile.d/ltsp-esound.sh
> /opt/ltsp/i386/lib/pkgconfig/esound.pc
> /opt/ltsp/ppc/lib/pkgconfig/esound.pc

Yep, these are installed.

> 2. on the thin client ,drop to a bash prompt and:
> lsmod
> do you see any sound card entries listed? if you DO see sound card
> modules listed

yes, the correct sound card entries are listed. Same as on the CentOS5
(32bit) systems which are working.

Normally, I do a quick test with esdplay /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav
This seems to always work regardless of whether mplayer/flash/etc
aren't working.

> 4. while at a bash prompt on the thin client do an:
> lspci
> and post what is being detected as the sound card for this client.

These are Via Epia systems and the AC97 audio controller is recognized.

> as far as manually removing the esd packages with --nodeps switch you
> will not kill anything providing you do reinstall once again the same
> three packages.

I forced the removal of the esound rpm and then installed the
pulseaudio-esound-compat rpm.  Of course, it didn't work, so I forced
the installation of the esound module (since it reports a
compatibility issue as well with pulse.)  Seems that the pulse module
replaces /usr/bin/esd with a a link to /usr/bin/esdcompat.

So, at this point, I have all the rpm's for esound installed and also
all the rpm's for pulse.  Neither works.  I still get that original
error about LD_PRELOAD not being able to locate the libesd.so.0
library even though it exists (in both 32 and 64 bit versions)

> BTW: do you ever get sound on the actual server. this should not make a
> bit of difference ,though in regard to client sound?,Just curious. What
> kind of sound cards are in the clients you are testing?

Never get sound on the server. Don't have a sound card in the server.
The client I am testing with at the moment is my Via Epia Eden with
the AC97.  I also have Dell GX150's that also work and can test with
them next.

Rebooting the thin client, and it reports that it is accepting
connections on 16001. However, if I try to telnet to the thin client
on 16001, I get a connection refused.

Will have to keep playing with it.

Dave Hopkins

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