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Re: [K12OSN] RE: K12ltsp and K12linux

steve smith wrote:
Hi folks seems we're all waiting for k12linux, however here we have
managed to get ltsp5 working on fedora 9, and incorporated all the
features of k12lltsp that we wanted. It does include openoffice 3 and
java enabled firefox, flash, sound. etc. works a treat. It would be

What exactly are you waiting for?

LTSP5 is shipped as part of Fedora 9. You may follow the InstallGuide directions on any existing Fedora 9 machine to make it into a LTSP5 server.

The K12Linux media is only a convenient installer with Fedora 9 + updates and the client chroot pre-installed and configured. It only reduces the steps necessary to install a server, but it is no different from if you were to install it following the InstallGuide.

K12Linux Terminal Server F9 RC1 has been released. It seems to work good for me. I am busy at an education conference in Japan at the moment. Peter Scheie is supposed to be handling sending out the announcement of this release.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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