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Re: [K12OSN] RE: K12ltsp and K12linux

steve smith wrote:
Hi folks seems we're all waiting for k12linux, however here we have
managed to get ltsp5 working on fedora 9, and incorporated all the
features of k12lltsp that we wanted. It does include openoffice 3 and
java enabled firefox, flash, sound. etc. works a treat. It would be
good to see a dedicated release for sure as we had a few problems
with teacher tool and other minor issues which have taken time to
rectify, but the effort has been worthwhile.  It was necessary to do
this as some of the clients we are using had pxe bootable cards not
recognised by 4.2, and this has been solved by using 5

Could you please share exactly what you did to make teachertool work with LTSP5 on Fedora 9? I want to integrate all of this as RPM packages but my time is extremely limited. We need more people who have already done the work to document what they did and perhaps even work on RPM packages for Fedora inclusion.

So while we wait for a dedicated iso, we will keep working on adding
things in to our current set-up

I believe you have some misguided idea in your mind about what K12Linux is. These things will not just magically happen. I need the contributions of users in order to make more pieces work out-of-the-box automatically.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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