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Re: [K12OSN] Java applet audio

You do realize that K12LTSP 6 hasn't been supported for nearly a year, right?  You're asking for a system compromise here.

If you want something that *is* supported, and looks just like K12LTSP 6, then K12LTSP 5.0EL is strongly recommended.

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Erich Lantz wrote:
Has anyone been able to get audio directed to client workstations from Java applets? I'm administering an ESL lab based on K12LTSP 6, using ESD sound. All other audio apps work fine on the workstations, but anything Java-based stubbornly attempts to play through the server.

One of the main Java applets on which the lab depends is the audio bulletin board from the Gong Project:

Interestingly, I can get Java audio redirected to the clients using an LTSP configuration of Ubuntu; this distro uses PulseAudio, and with it I need to invoke Firefox with 'padsp firefox'. This gets the sound playing on the clients, but it's almost too sluggish (long wait for startup) to be useful.

I can always dedicate a couple of freestanding machines for use with Java stuff, but it would make for a more seamless student experience if these apps were available on all lab machines.


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