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Re: [K12OSN] Three Big Issues causing freeze-up in lab

Give K12LTSP 5.0EL a shot, along with Firefox 2.  Both of these are tried 'n' true, if you're looking for something that "just works."  Or, if you want to stay on Fedora 9, you might give the SeaMonkey browser a shot.  SeaMonkey is the new name for what used to be called the Mozilla Suite.

While FF3 is a very nice browser on a thick client, in thin client environments it has shown some problems.  Check the list archives for FF3, and you'll see what I mean.

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Anthony Luscre wrote:
I am having  three major problems in our new lab (Fedora 9, LTSP 5, Gnome Desktop, Kerenl,  PAE enabled computer with 13 GB RAM, 2 Quad core processors, 30 clients):

1. FireFox- The very first time a student starts FireFox it attempts to do a few add-on updates. This works fine with only a few students but with a large group many of them freeze and will not let FireFox completely start. If they do force quit, and try to start FireFox again, they usually get a message that FireFox is already running and cannot be started. When I go to system monitor Process says "disk sleeping" under CPU column. (If possible would it fix the problem if there was a way to "start" all user's firefox from a command line batch file. I have no idea what batch file would look like or even if you can start FireFox from a command line to finish updating.)

2. When a user logs out it leaves a gvsf-fuse-damon runnig on Server. I there a way to make automatically kill all processes for a user when they log out

3. If they are forced to turn off their terminal, when it attempts to reboot it does not attach to server and they get a "non system disk" message (the client terminals are  diskless.) Sometimes unpluging power and CAT-5 cable, then reconnecting allow the terminal to attach and give log-in screen. Is this a MAC address / DHCP issue? Is it related to #2 above?

Pulling my hair out as Students and Teahcers get frustrated and say the lab "stinks"
Previous installs were K12LTSP-6 then Ubunutu 7.1o last year.

Thanks for any ideas

Anthony A. Luscre - Director of Technology

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