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Re: [K12OSN] Three Big Issues causing freeze-up in lab

2008/10/20 Anthony Luscre <mo_luscre mogadore net>:
> I am having  three major problems in our new lab (Fedora 9, LTSP 5, Gnome
> Desktop, Kerenl,  PAE enabled computer with 13 GB
> RAM, 2 Quad core processors, 30 clients):
> 1. FireFox- The very first time a student starts FireFox it attempts to do a
> few add-on updates. This works fine with only a few students but with a
> large group many of them freeze and will not let FireFox completely start.
> If they do force quit, and try to start FireFox again, they usually get a
> message that FireFox is already running and cannot be started. When I go to
> system monitor Process says "disk sleeping" under CPU column. (If possible
> would it fix the problem if there was a way to "start" all user's firefox
> from a command line batch file. I have no idea what batch file would look
> like or even if you can start FireFox from a command line to finish
> updating.)

try opera

> 2. When a user logs out it leaves a gvsf-fuse-damon runnig on Server. I
> there a way to make automatically kill all processes for a user when they
> log out
> 3. If they are forced to turn off their terminal, when it attempts to reboot
> it does not attach to server and they get a "non system disk" message (the
> client terminals are  diskless.) Sometimes unpluging power and CAT-5 cable,
> then reconnecting allow the terminal to attach and give log-in screen. Is
> this a MAC address / DHCP issue? Is it related to #2 above?

Just a guess but how are they turning off the computer? Are they
actually shutting it down or putting it into hibernate?

> Pulling my hair out as Students and Teahcers get frustrated and say the lab
> "stinks"
> Previous installs were K12LTSP-6 then Ubunutu 7.1o last year.
> Thanks for any ideas
> Anthony
> Anthony A. Luscre - Director of Technology
> Mogadore Local Schools
> 1 S. Cleveland Ave.
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> mo_luscre mogadore net
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