[K12OSN] New Lab Install

John Montoya jomontoya at kern.org
Tue Oct 21 15:43:12 UTC 2008


Back again for a second attempt at this... it's been about a year
since I installed a test lab for a district using ltsp4.2 / fc 6.
I will wipe the server clean and install k12ltsp version 5-EL
(unless some suggests version 5 / fedora 9)

Last year the teacher just didn't buy into Linux - kept comparing it
to and trying to make it Windows. She hacked and tried to use half XP
machines for some things and some thin-clients for others.
Long story short, it failed. After a recent meeting with
administration, the teachers, and accounting agreed to try it again.
My whole selling point was that this time (at least in the lab) they have
to let go of Windows.
Linux is not Windows... has some touch and feel like Windows, but is
not and never will be Windows.

I have a second chance to get the lab working. As we speak, they are
installing OpenOffice on all student and teacher machines (Windows

The campus is a Microsoft house. A couple of windows servers,
basically one for teachers and one for students. All the students have
their own student accounts. This way, as they progress through different
class rooms, they always have access to their one home directory. This is
the ONLY request from the campus. They would like to have the k12LTSP
running in the lab, but they would also like to only use one student
log in.

Is it possible for a student to use the one Windows account to log
into an XP machine in History class, then later again in English class
(working in each class) - then use the same login for computer lab, to
access their home directories to work on the English and History work
(that they created earlier - and is now all OpenOffice)...working on it from a thin client in
the lab?

We are a Novell house, I have a basic understanding of Windows
networking, and also understand Samba... I just need some basic
input that this is or is not possible (working in and out of 
Windows / LTSP environments  with one account)

Thank you in advance for your help and or suggestions.


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