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John Montoya jomontoya at kern.org
Tue Oct 21 18:15:14 UTC 2008


I have a call in to the local tech support for specific information on their MS servers.

"We" are the local superintendent's office... (the Novell / SUSE house).... the middle school called us
in for help on this project (the MS servers).

...and thank you for the OpenOffice 'watch-out'... I actually already went through this painful
experience with the first run. They would complain that "linux" was junk... look at what it does to
documents (formatting). So... when I setup this recent OpenOffice install, did a quick in-house for the
teachers... Explained the whole "font" world thing.... listed the generic fonts, and to teach the document
creation process of, generic fonts - flat paragraphs with no styling - UNTIL the last step before printing.
Get fancy, style, and anything else you want to add, on the last machine you use, AND print from.

I will post the server specs as soon as I get a reply back.

I just finished loading up 5-EL on a test server, going to work on getting thin clients connected and
FL-teachertool configured (another big deal) and tested. Want to do as much testing and documentation
here (in my office) before I go on-site and apply to their k12 server.

Thank you for the response...


>>> Rob Owens <rob.owens at biochemfluidics.com> 10/21/2008 10:50 AM >>>
John Montoya wrote:
> Is it possible for a student to use the one Windows account to log
> into an XP machine in History class, then later again in English class
> (working in each class) - then use the same login for computer lab, to
> access their home directories to work on the English and History work
> (that they created earlier - and is now all OpenOffice)...working on it from a thin client in
> the lab?
You'll have to find out what they're using for authenticating accounts.
 I would have guess MS Active Directory, but you say you're a Novell
house so I'm not so sure.  It is possible to do what you are asking, but
I wouldn't say for sure until I know more details.

One thing to watch out for when working on an OpenOffice document
between Windows and Linux machines is that those 2 systems usually have
different fonts installed.  This will make the document look different
depending on what machine it's viewed on.


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