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Travis Smith tsmith at geneseeschools.org
Wed Oct 22 16:14:27 UTC 2008

>>> "John Montoya" <jomontoya at kern.org> 10-22-08 12:16 PM >>>
Thank you everyone, for your input.

I have much to read up on and then make the decision.




Plus the other configuration suggestions.

Also, so far - no one seems to be opposed to using 5-EL, so I guess I'm going with it as the new OS on the server too.
I will continue to monitor this thread for any other Microsoft server suggestions. 

Today... I will get a client connected, install flash, java, acrobat, webmin,fl-teachertool, and  update OpenOffice.

If after I make a decision on the MS Server / AD issue - and run into specific issues - I will start a new topic.

[ On a side note: ]

Had a meeting with the principle and other admin in this district yesterday (there are three schools).
They are now seriously considering going LTSP across all three schools  if we can get the lab running successfully !
Very cool ! - and now .... the pressures ON ! <smile>

Thanks to everyone for you continued help - and I'm always open to suggestions.


--Good luck John. Hope to hear of a success story in the future.

Scanned by GenNET AV out
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