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Re: [K12OSN] Scanning WinXP for Malware from Linux

I find it best to keep an arsenal of anti-malware tools on my laptop.  I remove the infected hard drive from the Windows system and attach it to my Linux system with a USB2 adapter like this one:


or this one:


Once it's attached, I update my copy of Avira Antivir and scan the drive with the highest suspicious-ness settings.  These are my command-lines for that:

sudo antivir --update

avscan /media/sdd1 <- or where-ever it mounted

avscan is a little script I wrote so I could forget the switches I always use.  It looks like this:

myDate=$(date +%F-%s)
myCommand="antivir -s --scan-in-archive -rf$myLog --moveto=$myQuarantine --heur-macro --heur-level=3  --with-alltypes --allfiles $1"
echo $myCommand
touch $myLog && mkdir $myQuarantine && eval $myCommand

Usually, I will get some bleeps that don't quarantine.  I upload those files one by one to www.virustotal.com.  VT scans the uploaded file with some 25 anti-virus engines, and returns a pretty report of the results.  If I think they're wrong about a particular file, I take a snapshot of my Windows XP VMware virtual machine and run that file to see what it does.  If it turns out to be bad stuff, I revert my VM, and go kill off the infection manually, but that's a whole 'nother chapter, and this is pretty long a'ready, eh.

I've got quite the collection of Windows virii going here.  Want some?


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Henry Hartley wrote:

> This isn't strictly speaking on topic for this list but this is the sort
> of thing one or more of you might know. Is there anything available that
> will allow me to scan a WinXP hard drive for malware under linux? That is
> to say, boot to linux (e.g. on USB drive), mount the NTFS drive, and scan.
> I have a WinXP machine that I suspect is infected. The registry became
> corrupted and I was able to roll back to a prior, good registry so I can
> boot but the system is neither stable nor usable. This seems like a good
> approach if the software exists.

This seems to have some info on using Knoppix to do this:
I don't have any experience with this, I just googled it.

Nils Breunese.

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