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Re: [K12OSN] NOT critical - eth0 & eth1

I'd check /var/log/messages for anything regarding TFTP.  Also, make sure that the TFTP daemon is indeed starting up, like this.

  ps ax | grep tftp

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John Montoya wrote:
This is simply for my own learning curve / info library...

I have 5-EL up and running on my test server - test "tweaking".

I noticed that the default installed set the embedded NIC as "eth1" (to the outside world) - and the second NIC as eth0 (inside network).
No harm... but then found the link: http://k12ltsp.org/mediawiki/index.php/Assigning_eth0_and_eth1_to_specific_NICs 

So of course, I swapped them as instructed. Restarted all the services, re-boot the server (for grins & giggles) - everything booted up fine.
Now my embedded NIC (to the world) was eth0 and the second NIC was eth1 (inside network) - everything went well - so I thought...

Basically it killed TFTP... dhcp served out IPs like it should have, but the clients had TFTP timeout errors. Looked everywhere to find a config... but no luck.
Reversed everything back to the original config (eth1 back to eth0) and it's all working again.

Of course this is not critical and I now I'm very ok with my embedded NIC being "eth1" <grin>...

But what else did I break (for future reference) and this is only when someone has time (or the answer on their finger tips).


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