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[K12OSN] CTRL-ALT-Backspace

Hi everyone,

For years we've been having problems with students using
CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to quit out of their Linux accounts without properly
logging off. This has caused many accounts to become corrupted, including
Firefox errors, etc... We've never taught the kids to use it, but when
LTSP was first distributed across the district, some students discovered
the key sequence and has spread the word. (We believe it's close to a
force-kill key sequence that was used on the macs, which led to the

The students are told of the risks with using the command sequence, but
most still use it because it's a quick and easy way out of linux rather
than closing their applications and logging off the proper way.

Is there a way to configure X to not force-kill on CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE, or
possibly reassign the function to another key sequence?

Alan Owen
Assistant to the Director of Information Services
Hermon Information Services/Hermon School Department
"Using Technology to Empower All Students to Succeed in a Changing World."

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