[K12OSN] OpenAdmin 3.25 (School Administration Program) Released

Leo Willems willems.leo at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 4 01:21:12 UTC 2008


thanks for that link.

Does anybody like to share experiences with:
OpenAdmin http://richtech.ca/openadmin/
Moodle http://http://moodle.org/
SchoolTool http://www.schooltool.org/
FOCUS/SIS http://www.focussis.org/

I looking for a solution (first for a personal study object) an open
source (free) as replacement for Rediker AdminPlus/Edline/GradeQuick.

I would be great to find an integrated web based solution with the
same 'list' of functions: courses scheduling, attendance, gradebooks
with grades and skill assessments and lessonplans, teachers web pages
and file locker, course web pages, students web pages and file
lockers, report cards print outs and online posting with grades, skill
assessment and attendance ...)


On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 2:44 PM, Onatawahtaw <onatawahtaw at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> Heya,
> This is a bit late for those who have started the school year already, but a new version of Open Admin has been released: http://richtech.ca/openadmin/ (actually it was released about 3 weeks ago, but I just noticed it now). There have been a few features and nice fixes added since last year.
> For those that don't know, Open Admin is a school administration program that allows you to manage student demographics, student attendance, report cards, teacher gradebooks, teacher daybooks, and many more features. You can see all the features by going to the About section on the above website.
> -Kevin

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