[K12OSN] Re: K12Linux branding ideas

Almquist Burke balmquist at mindfirestudios.com
Mon Sep 8 17:43:02 UTC 2008

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On Sep 8, 2008, at 12:18 PM, Warren Togami wrote:
> Except this is a Live install, not a traditional Anaconda install.  
> There is NO WAY to select or deselect things to install.  A Live  
> install copies everything from the media onto the disk, a bit-for- 
> bit filesystem copy.
> Warren

Good point, that's the advantage of the respin. I just meant it would  
be nice if they could maybe bury those options in an Anaconda  
installer too. IIRC, you have different "profiles" when you do a  
fedora install. K12edu and LTSP should be things you can check off on  
a standard install.
	Although I'm not sure why I'd use it if I could just use the live CD  
so I guess it's not as important. It might be nice for people already  
using Fedora to be able to "upgrade" to it by just installing a  
metapackage or two.

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