[K12OSN] Time based content filtering

Sudev Barar sbarar at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 04:17:42 UTC 2008

2008/9/1 Carl Keil <carl at snarlnet.com>:
> I remember seeing this discussed on this list before.  (IIRC)  Has anyone
> figured out how to make DansGuardian do it's blocking business only at
> certain times?  Or, better, is there a way to tie content filtering to
> certain LDAP logins?  So that little kids are filtered and older students
> and staff aren't?  Any thoughts, scripts, pointers or URL's would be
> appreciated.

We are just in process of rolling out a trial of transparent proxy
with time and group ACL solution. Give me a week to see if this works
on a test bed. The steps used are :

Block all outgoing traffic on port 80 - So users who do not set proxy
or remove proxy settings are blocked
Use proxy to authenticate all users.
Based on authentication determine the group user belongs to.
Based on group use ACL rules - so allowing more or less freedom
Use whitelist and blacklist for each group.
Switch the lists using cron to control time based rules.

I have not used dansgaurd as the site is not a school site but a office site.

Sudev Barar
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