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Re: [K12OSN] Flash, Youtube and Thin Clients

Moon wrote:
Warren, here is my input.

Organization: Holy Ground Baptist Academy
Location: Carrollton, GA 30117
# of thin clients affected: LAB 1 - 8 PCs (Grades K-3)
# of thin clients affected: LAB 2 - 24 PCs (Grades 4-8)

We had been running Edubuntu up until this August, when I switched
everything over to K12LTSP EL5. The reason for the switch was due to
Edubuntu's poor performance and instability.

Interesting, what specifically performed poorly, and what was unstable?

As you may know, we are working on the long-term LTSP5-based successor to the old K12LTSP distribution. Your testing of this would be extremely useful because I want to know if we fall into the same traps as Edubuntu. Unique about this image however is you can run the entire server from a USB stick without installing anything on your hard drive! You can do a temporary test with your 24 PC network for example, rebooting the server to the USB stick, and be up and running serving your clients within minutes for this test.

Working on Beta 2... hopefully should be ready next week.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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