[K12OSN] Removing kpp and kopete

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The GUI method:

You can use Yum Extender by selecting from the top menu bar: Applications ->
System Tools -> Yum Extender (requires the root password).

Then in the Yum Extender menu: select Packages-Installed next to the top
right center of the window, and input the package name you want to uninstall
in the search window just below, and then click on the magnifying glass icon
to the right. 

If found, the installed package appears in the center window with a check
mark next to it. Simply uncheck and click on the Process Queue button on the
bottom right and follow the prompts to remove the package.

The Command Line method:

rpm -e kppp kopete

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This is a simple question I think but for the life of me I can't working it
out, it's been a long 
summer :-)

How do I remove kppp & kopete & also it's icons from the menu's.

I'm running on CentOS 5.2

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