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[K12OSN] Flash and nspluginwrapper

Hi folks,

Fedora 8+ and RHEL5+ use nspluginwrapper by default even on i386.


Because nspluginwrapper runs the plugins in a separate process, so plugin crashes do not take Firefox down with it.

(There is one Flash 10 induced browser crash that nspluginwrapper cannot protect against. See below for workaround.)

You need a bunch of workarounds to make Flash 10 work reliably on RHEL5 through Fedora 10. Soon these workarounds will be released as package updates.

Flash 10 with these workarounds is a bit less crashy than Flash 9.

If you see further problems after these workarounds please file bugs instead of ripping pieces out. nspluginwrapper is default for a reason. We can't fix problems if you don't report them.

Thank you.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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