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Re: [K12OSN] Setting proxy for Firefox 3 all users *ARRRGGGHHH* This old chestnut again :-)

Barry R Cisna wrote:

This is how I have always hard coded in the proxy settings into firefox.
This has worked from 1.4 up till now FF3.0.

Load up the all.js file in Bluefish and scroll down to about line 783
and edit these lines.
Put your IP's and port numbers in between the "" at each given line.

BTW: These can be taken out if the little angels can get to the
preferences in FF. Next login they are back in though...
Hope this helps.

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

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For Firefox 2 I used the CCK to create a global plugin that set everything but this doesn't work with Firefox 3 and when I installed our second server it yum'd to 5.2 and firefox 3. I've hard coded it into firefox.js now & that seems to be working.

I've also setup iptables as per the wiki to redirect everything on port 80 to our proxy so just have to do it for the other "popular ports now.


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