[K12OSN] Slow Booting LTSP Clients - K12LTSP5EL

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 19:02:21 UTC 2008

Stephen Crampton wrote:
> In response to the problems with slow DHCP under Edubuntu, I've decided to
> try and install the K12LTSP Centos 5EL.
> I'm using the same machine.  I just switched hard drives (same make and
> model).
> I'm using the 6 install CDs (the install DVD would not burn on my system --
> too big).
> The installation stops and says I do not have any hard drives.  The BIOS
> recognizes the hard drive and indeed I can boot from it.
> The motherboard says M2V-MX SE on it.  I searched around and found reference
> to a sata_via module.  I tried adding the module through the Centos
> installation menu (where it says, "do you want to add any hardware
> modules?").  However, the installation still fails a few screens later
> (after I choose English language and keyboard and LTSP system).  It says
> there is no hard drive again.
> Please help.  I didn't mean to start flames between K12LTSP and Edubuntu.
> I'm just trying to get a working system.  I have parents coming in on Monday
> night, so I'm working this weekend to try and iron out the problem.  I would
> like them to come away saying, "Wow, this is cool.  Why is the school
> district spending money on Windows software?"

The quick fix would be to toss in a different SATA card if you  have one 
sitting around, but it might be worth trying 'linux noapm noacpi'at the 
install disk's boot prompt.
indicates there was a bug in power management with that module - not 
sure if if would affect installs.  This may be fixed in updates, so if 
you do get the install to work, do a 'yum update' to get the latest.

However, if your problem really has to do with concurrent network 
activity below what you'd expect to be a problem I doubt if the OS or 
distribution is the cause.  I'd concentrate first on the shared parts of 
the network - which may just be your uplink port and the gig port of the 
switch.  Use ethtool to check that the speed/duplex settings are correct 
on the linux side and the switch management tools to see that it matches 
and that you are not getting errors.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com

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