[K12OSN] Re: K12Linux branding ideas

Almquist Burke balmquist at mindfirestudios.com
Mon Sep 8 16:59:16 UTC 2008

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> For existing K12LTSP users, and there are plenty, we ought to keep  
> some
> reference to LTSP, even if it's "K12Linux Terminal Server Edition".
> BTW, your choice of version naming is nice (F9, F10, EL6, etc.).   
> Clear and to
> the point.

	I was thinking FC10 - K12Linux Terminal Server and EL6 - K12Linux  
Terminal Server. We should make sure the installer will let you  
deselect the EDU or LTSP option. Lots of people like to install just  
the LTSP or just the EDU part. For example, you might install  
K12Linux on a student's stand alone PC and skip the terminal services  
part. This also allows those that don't use the EDU apps to avoid  
installing all the EDU apps and games.
	It should almost just be an install option in Fedora or EL that  
requires an additional CD or installation of a yum metapackage(s).  
The advantage of the respin is that you avoid having to put those  
options in the standard fedora or RHEL installer as another profile  
or choice a non-K12LTSP user has to look at.

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