[K12OSN] Re: K12Linux branding ideas

Warren Togami wtogami at redhat.com
Mon Sep 8 17:18:36 UTC 2008

Almquist Burke wrote:
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>> For existing K12LTSP users, and there are plenty, we ought to keep some
>> reference to LTSP, even if it's "K12Linux Terminal Server Edition".
>> BTW, your choice of version naming is nice (F9, F10, EL6, etc.).  
>> Clear and to
>> the point.
>     I was thinking FC10 - K12Linux Terminal Server and EL6 - K12Linux 
> Terminal Server. We should make sure the installer will let you deselect 
> the EDU or LTSP option. Lots of people like to install just the LTSP or 
> just the EDU part. For example, you might install K12Linux on a 
> student's stand alone PC and skip the terminal services part. This also 
> allows those that don't use the EDU apps to avoid installing all the EDU 
> apps and games.
>     It should almost just be an install option in Fedora or EL that 
> requires an additional CD or installation of a yum metapackage(s). The 
> advantage of the respin is that you avoid having to put those options in 
> the standard fedora or RHEL installer as another profile or choice a 
> non-K12LTSP user has to look at.

Except this is a Live install, not a traditional Anaconda install. 
There is NO WAY to select or deselect things to install.  A Live install 
copies everything from the media onto the disk, a bit-for-bit filesystem 


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