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RE: [K12OSN] K12Linux Logo Ideas

Warren, I like the image in image 'e' with a couple small changes. Keep the
image with the two children as it provides good imagery of the smaller kid
(K) to the larger kid (12) with the 'K12' characters within the image.
However, I think the 'LINUX' should remain separate from and to the right,
with the 'L' capitalized and the remainder lower case.  As for foreground /
background colors, the image and background colors should flip between the
blues and white depending on background being used; for example is the
background is to be white then the image should use the darker shades of
blue, if the background is to be bluish, then the image should be lighter
blues and white.


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Maureen Duffy, leader of the Fedora Art team and Interaction Designer at
Red Hat worked on these mockups for a new K12Linux logo.  This would be
for the LDM login screen, with an attractive but subtle blue background
behind it.

How do people feel about the different options here?

Here is an example of the same logo with a white background, for the
Trac top-left logo and print on paper.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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