[K12OSN] K12Linux Logo Ideas

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Tue Sep 9 00:42:51 UTC 2008

Warren Togami wrote:
> Nils Breunese wrote:
>> I know it was built use in for schools, but it's just as nice to use 
>> in a university student organisation (where I set it up), at home or 
>> in a business, so I never saw the point of the K12 prefix. But seeing 
>> how K12 doesn't really mean anything here in the Netherlands I guess I 
>> shouldn't make a lot of fuss about it. :o)
>> Nils Breunese.
> I am well aware that it is used in a lot more than just schools.  For 
> this reason, I am more in favor of the options that look more 
> professional.  "c" and "n" for example might look too immature to be 
> dependable.
I agree about 'c' and 'n'.  And I agree with Henry that I'd like to see how it 
looks with the 'inux' in lowercase.  I do not like the fading from light top to 
dark bottom; I find it hard on the eyes and it makes me wonder if my screen is 
tilted wrong; it also tends to not look so good when printed on a black & white 
printer.  I do like the silhouette of an adult (teacher) and two children 
(students), as I think it is also suggestive of the architecture of a 'large' 
server and 'smaller' thin clients (perhaps some sort of illusion could be worked 
up where it could appear to be either people or computers depending on how one 
looks at it).  I also vote for 'K12Linux Terminal Server F9/EL6/etc.'


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