[K12OSN] K12Linux Logos Round 2

Moon moon at smbis.com
Tue Sep 9 19:39:46 UTC 2008

I like 'q' and 'r' as they covey the message clearly, however I prefer 'r'
over 'q' due to the case. 

The imagery of the K to 12 in the small child to the larger child with the
lettering K12 clearly conveys the K through 12 school focus, while the
separate Linux clearly represents the host platform OS. 

To me the three character image kind of looks like an unfocused Taj Mahal
and the four character image is a little too busy...   

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Hey folks,

K12Linux Logos Round 2

Maureen Duffy read through all the suggestions and created this updated 
page of K12Linux logo options.  Please provide further opinions here.

One possible consideration for the logo is cultural considerations.  We 
might want to steer away from logos with four people because in Asian 
cultures "four" is an unlucky number with similar pronunciation and 
association with "death".  I asked the nearest Japanese guy to my desk 
and he thinks it isn't a problem.  OTOH I asked a Taiwanese-American and 
she thought it could possibly be a problem.  A sample size of two 
remains inconclusive.

Warren Togami
wtogami at redhat.com

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