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Re: [K12OSN] bootup slow -- nfs server not responding

Rob Owens wrote:
george kocke wrote:
Rob Owens wrote:

The reason I upgraded the RAM is because I've been getting slow boot
times on the thin clients, with the message "nfs server not responding"
showing up at least 10 times during the boot process.  The clients
eventually boot successfully.  The upgrade didn't seem to help, but hey,
it was cheap and easy to try.
Sorry if anyone else has responded with this, but the URL below helped
me when I ran into this problem:


This seems to have solved my problem.  I only tested it on PXE so far,
but the problem has completely disappeared when PXE booting.

For the archives:

My "append" line in pxelinux.cfg/default was slightly different than the
one shown on the wiki.  I simply added:


to the end of my existing "append" line.

I've had to use this same setting with some clients with 100Mb NICs when they are plugged into a gigabit port on the swithc (say, an 8-port switch with all gbit ports), even though they boot just fine when plugged into a 100Mb port (and server is plugged into the gbit port).


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