[K12OSN] Current "state of the art" in K12LTSP?

Mark Lindman mlindman at charter.net
Fri Sep 12 02:48:54 UTC 2008


I'm replacing a K12ltsp Centos 5.2 system that was used last year by 6 students, with a pair of servers intended to support 30-40 sessions total. (ibm x345 dual 3.6Ghz 4G ram no drives $285 each).  With a bunch of SCSI drives I figure they ought to do it.  I plan to also set up a Fedora Directory server for authentication on another computer.

I installed Edubuntu on the same 6 user system, but it I'm stumbling around some of the management as it's so different than the older ltsp. I also worry when I read of other folks real-world experience with it.  k12ltsp Centos 5.2 has been very stable, but I'm tempted to leap to a ltsp 5 system.  Would you use Centos 5.2, or do you think of Fedora 9 or openSuSE 11 or ??? with ltsp 5 is ready for "production"?

One consideration is that it's a small school <200 students, I'm a 'volunteer' with a full-time job, and there is nobody on site most of the time to deal with anything that hangs/locks up, etc.  so it needs to be pretty bullet-proof.  Updates, new software, etc. I can do in my spare time.  I have three days to get them built and delivered.


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