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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Lab Slow to Boot

On Sat, 2008-09-06 at 01:47 -0400, Warren Togami wrote:
> Moon wrote:
> > Warren, here is another person that is having the same problems I had with
> > Edubuntu 8.04.1. Note that the same issues with the DHCP server; not working
> > or working very slowly. 
> Quite frankly, I don't care if someone has a problem on Edubuntu.  It is 
> like complaining to the Toyota dealer about a problem with your Chevrolet.
> I do want to know if you have the same problem on K12LTSP or K12Linux 
> though.

 I greatly prefer the K12Linux/L12LTSP5EL over the Edubuntu flavors
myself, but the issue he has is only partially related to the toyota on
a corvette forum. Given the bandwidth over capacity, the DHCP will fail
on ANY platform. The Toyota failure is the ssh encryption that edubuntu
uses for the X connection. This is school data not medical records!
Encrypt the login and just send the rest raw.

People: you MUST do some engineering on these installations. You can't
just expect every machine you have to run off a crappy little
network/server/used hard drive, etc. The TC environment is CPU
intensive, VERY RAM INTENSIVE and a substantial impact on network
bandwidth. I've been there, done that and I can't emphasize enough to
spend the $$ on the server and switches and go cheap on the clients. The
little, tiny clients will not drain the network as badly as they run
slower and can't be such hogs. If the clients are 2GHz machines, that X
server is gonna FLY!! Which means it's pounding the server for data. 
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