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Re: [K12OSN] School Server

Timothy Legge wrote:

I am pricing some servers and it is amazing the hardware you can get
now.  I look after a Boy's and Girls club that might be similar to
some schools.  We have staff and kids; up to now we have separated the
kids from the staff by using separate servers with each having a
separate network using the same internet connection.

However, since I am pricing a replacement server for the kids I
wondered whether the separation might not be necessary.  I could get
one server to do the 30 or so clients or just continue to break it up
with 10+ staff clients and 20+ kids clients.

The security side of me says to keep the kids as far from the staff
server as possible but on the other hand, for the same money, I could
go with two server and have fail over/load balancing.

Any thoughts?

Maybe virtualization? Put both servers on one XXL box...

Micha Silver
Arava Development Co

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