[K12OSN] Fedora 9, LTSP 5, and KDE

Steve Krause krauses at deerpark.wednet.edu
Thu Sep 18 20:17:10 UTC 2008

With the help of Sean Harbour, I have users able to login to the thin clients using their Active Directory accounts and accessing their home directories stored on a Windows server.  Thank you very much Sean.

We are trying to get the Display to KDE so we can use the Kiosk Admin Tool to manage the thin client desktops.  We have been doing it with pretty good success using FC6/ltsp4.2.

Does anyone out there know how to configure the system to only allow thin client logins to get KDE?  I have tried setting up /etc/sysconfig/desktop and editting the lts.conf to launch SCREEN_07=xdmcp.  No luck there.  I have tried going to the /usr/share/xsessions/ and leaving only kde.desktop.  Still no luck.  

I understand the thin clients use ldm to login and launch the desktop.  I can find very little on how to configure it.  Thanks in advance.

Steve Krause, CNE
Network Manager
Deer Park School District #414
Deer Park, WA
(509) 464-5567
krauses at deerpark.wednet.edu
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