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Re: [K12OSN] Troublesome/Annoying Dialog for 500 students at logon...

Jim Christiansen wrote:
Yes, I thought so too,,, Everyone can log on and do all of their work, though.

I rebuilt the group shadow and password files in etc- no userids messed up I'm pretty sure

then synced the home back

rsync -a -p -g /drivehdb3/home /

then ran a script :

d in * ; do chown -Rv $d:$d $d ; done

to chown all of the folders back to their own perms.

I'll re-run this after school before I go home for the weekend.

Thanks for any more ideas.

I wouldn't hurt to check first to see if /home/"userid" ownership matches "userid" and that permissions look something like "drwx------". There may be no need to re-run the script. Your script sets ownership, but not permissions. If perms look something like "dr-x------" or "dr-xr-xr-x" then they could read but not write to their directories. Check subdirectories too; depending on your login manager they could be the problem (i.e. ~/.dmrc).

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