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[K12OSN] OT - Can't authenticate Ubuntu 8.04 to LDAP server

Hey Folks,

I've been trying for weeks to set up an LDAP server. I've got the feeling that they LDAP server is working, but I'm not sure. I am sure that I can't get my Ubuntu 8 test client to authenticate from it. Is there anything like a troubleshooting procedure for this? Is there a way to test my connection to the server from the client short of rebooting and trying to log in? (Make sure I'm not having firewall, dns, etc. issues?) Also, I kindof think my test client is fairly hosed from all the conf file editing I've done. I've tried uninstalling ldap-auth-config and reinstalling it, but it doesn't ask me questions when I reinstall. Is there a procedure for "resetting" all the files that pertain to logging in (the stuff in pam.d, etc.), so that I can try reconfiguring for LDAP authentication from scratch again? Right now my client takes forever to log in (locally), so testing is a real pain.
Any help would be appreciated.



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