[K12OSN] 1 nic k12ltsp 6.0

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Mon Sep 22 16:39:11 UTC 2008

You can also access the server via vnc, for which there are Windows clients. 
Avoid getting too many clients connecting this way, as they extract a greater 
load on the server than an equal number of thin clients.  But for a small number 
of Windows boxes that only need infrequent access to the server, it works quite 


Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
> In that case, it'll be more difficult (Microsoft Windows generally is), 
> but it's still possible.  What you need is something called an X11 
> server that you install on your MS Windows boxes and point them at the 
> LTSP server.  It'll do an "XDMCP" (X Display Manager Control Protocol) 
> query to your LTSP box, which is running GDM, KDM, or XDM.  The G/K/XDM 
> will answer the X11 server on the MS Windows box and say, "Oh, you're 
> making an XDMCP query!  You must want a login screen.  Here you go."  
> And you will see the K12LTSP login screen.
> The reason that GNU/Linux or *BSD boxes are so much easier here is that 
> they generally come with X11 servers, namely XFree86 or X.org.  That's 
> *one* reason why it's so easy to use old Power Macs or UltraSPARCs as 
> LTSP thin clients, BTW (processor architecture is irrelevant to X11, by 
> design).  Essentially, if you can make an XDMCP query, BOOM, you're in.
> I'd suggest Googling for "XDM" and "MS Windows" or something along those 
> lines.  That'll probably turn up an XDMCP-supporting X11 server.  
> Hummingbird used to make an X11 server for Win32, but I don't know if 
> they still do.
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> Will Hatch wrote:
>> Sorry I omitted this important information.  All of these computers run
>> either windows 2000 professional or windows xp.  
>> Does 5.0EL have all of the educational software added to it?  Is it an
>> upgrade, or do I need to do a fresh install?  
>>>>> "Terrell Prudé Jr." <microman at cmosnetworks.com> 9/22/2008 10:39 am
>> Will Hatch wrote:
>>> I have k12ltsp successfully running on a Dell Optiplex 745 with one
>> NIC.  I am accessing it with DevonIT thin clients.  I have fixed the ip
>> address as, and with the DevonIT thin clients all I had to
>> do is create a session to access the linux terminal server.  It works
>> beautifully!  
>>> What I'm wondering though is how do I tap into my k12 box from a
>> traditional computer?  I have a Windows Server 2008 box handling DHCP
>> and DNS in the school.  We are using a Windows network for terminal
>> services also, and this is our primary platform.  
>>> I guess I"m looking for something like the remote desktop connection.
>>  It would be nice to get the k12 box from other places in the school,
>> besides the lab where the DevonIT clients are located.  
>>> Thanks!
>> Glad you're having success with K12LTSP.  Note: if you're running 
>> K12LTSP 6.0, I think everyone on this list would recommend that you
>> move 
>> to 5.0EL as soon as you possibly can.  The reason is that Fedora Core 6
>> (the basis of version 6.0) is no longer supported with security updates
>> since December 2007.  Version 5.0EL, on the other hand, will get 
>> security updates until 2014.
>> Now, to answer your question, we'll need to know what OS these 
>> "traditional computers" are running, e. g. a GNU/Linux distro, FreeBSD,
>> Mac OS, etc.
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