[K12OSN] 1 nic k12ltsp 6.0

Will Hatch whatch at anwsu.org
Mon Sep 22 17:40:08 UTC 2008

I installed xming to my Windows XP Pro workstation, and everything
seemed to install correctly.  I have two icons on the desktop; xming and
xlaunch.  When I start xlaunch it prompts me to connect to a server. 
I'm typing in the ip address of my k12ltsp server, but nothing happens. 
Is this a firewall or selinux issue on my k12 box?  Do I have to tell my
k12 box to accept remote logins? 

>>> "Terrell Prudé Jr." <microman at cmosnetworks.com> 9/22/2008 1:32 pm
Will Hatch wrote:
> Does 5.0EL have all of the educational software added to it?  Is it
> upgrade, or do I need to do a fresh install?  

Red Hat states that you *can* do an in-place upgrade, but that even
recommend a fresh install.  That's what I do.  Matter of fact, just
week, I finally upgraded my home server (also a single-NIC system) from

4.2EL to 5.0EL via a fresh install.

And yes, 5.0EL does indeed have all the educational software on it.  
That's the point of K12LTSP.  :-)  Anything that you see that you need,

just "yum install" it, or use YumEx (I like YumEx).


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