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[K12OSN] 2008 FOSS and K-12 Education Awards

The National Center for Open Source and Education (NCOSE)
     announces the winners of the

* 2008 FOSS & K-12 Education Awards *

The NCOSE FOSS and K-12 Education Awards are given as expressions of appreciation for the hard work and dedication of individuals who contribute immense amounts of their time and expertise to advancing the use of Open Source solutions in K-12 schools. In its inagural year, the Center has chosen individuals from all across the continent that have made an extraordinary contribution to Free and Open Source Software use in the field of K-12 education.

2008 Recipients

Robert Arkiletian - Fl_TeacherTool

Eric Harrison - K12LTSP

Daniel Howard - GOSEF

Paul Nelson - K12LTSP

David Trask - NELS/FOSSED

This year's awards will be presented to the recipients at the Open Minds Conference ( http://www.k12openminds.org/ )in Indianapolis, (USA) on Sept. 26th, 2008. The awards are being underwritten, in part, by Resara, an Open Source Educational Platform ( http:// www.resara.com/ ).

(For more information about the awards and biographies of the recipients, go to the NCOSE website (http://www.ncose.org).

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