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Re: [K12OSN] School Server

Peter Scheie wrote:

Assuming that building your own server is not an option here....

Give both Penguin and ZaReason a call. Perhaps they've dealt with this and have an easy way to handle shipments to Canada. Penguin's been around for long enough that, who knows, they might have a "dealership" of some sort up there.

Failing that, then Les's suggestion of IBM is a good one.

I haven't actually done the purchasing of these for a while - it used to be that IBM pricing was only competitive if you were a large customer and qualified for discounts where Dell took the opposite approach and often gave the best prices in the 'small/medium' business section of their on-line site. But things might be different now - or in Canada.

With Dell, it is still that way. A colleague and I were on the phone pricing out a Dell server. The price he was seeing was about $1000 less than what I was seeing for an identical configuration. The difference was he came through the Small/Home Business link on the Dell website, and I came through the Large/Enterprise link. So, if you price out a Dell, make sure you try multiple paths to the config you want.

And with IBM if you don't have a district/corporate buying agreement for volume you might do better going though a reseller.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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