[K12OSN] Feedback from a teacher on FC10/LTSP and Tuxpaint

Rob Owens rowens at ptd.net
Sun Apr 5 01:20:02 UTC 2009

On Sat, Apr 04, 2009 at 03:07:23PM -0400, David Hopkins wrote:
> > Does the LTSP 5 setup have all X traffic encrypted by chance?
> I thought I had the encryption turned off via
> Is there a way to just not use LDM at all and just use gdm?  TBH I am
> not that worried about having anything intercepted between the server
> and the clients. This is a standard 2 NIC setup.
If you want you can use "startx" as your screen script (SCREEN_07=startx).  Don't forget to enable XDMCP on your server.  You'll still use ldm, but after login all
your traffic will be like it was in LTSP 4.2.  My Debian system also has an "xdmcp" screen script.  I haven't tried it,
but you may want to experiment with it.

You could also look at running LTSP 4.2 on certain thin clients, if that's the only way to improve performance.  See
this:  http://wiki.ltsp.org/twiki/bin/view/Ltsp/Ltsp5SameServerLTSP42


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