[K12OSN] Guide to enabling Local Apps support?

Josh Fryman josh.fryman at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 03:54:42 UTC 2009

Thanks to all for the suggestions.  I'm going to try to make this step
work tonight, and then I think I'll have a solid enough "demo" network
that I can appease any comers.

A few questions on the support ability of local-apps.  Is it possible
to choose when to run it local vs remote?  The point Peter raised
about frequently not needing flash-based content when browsing is very
valid.  If I could have Firefox run under two aliases -- one local
with flash, one remote without flash -- then that would be a nice
trick to use.

A related note --  I've seen that GL programs absolutely crawl in
LTSP.  Is there a way around this other than local-apps?

It's probably not the best place to ask, but a few other questions
I've run into would be summed up in bullet form:

 - Is there a good Linux-based gradebook program?  Or does everyone
just use OOo Calc / Gnumeric?  Google searching has failed to turn up
anything concrete.

 - As an "exchange equivalent" backend server, is there a coherent
thought in the community? I'm not sure if they current do use Exchange
server, but I'm willing to bet they do.  The two I've seen are:
    OpenExchange (http://www.open-xchange.com/en/oxpedia)
    eGroupWare http://www.egroupware.org/Home)

Thanks again to everyone.

Josh Fryman

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