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"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Wed Apr 8 16:16:48 UTC 2009

Ah yes, budgetary issues do get in our way sometimes, don't they?  :-)

Fortunately, there are inexpensive devices called "print servers" that 
can turn any printer with a parallel or USB interface into a network 
printer.  This is very useful for "older" printers that don't have 
on-board Ethernet.

The device that I use is the TrendNet TE100 series.  Since my printer is 
an HP LaserJet 6L (a parallel printer), I use the model TE100-P1P.  For 
USB printers, you'd use the TE100-P1U.  Either version should be less 
than US $50.00.  I found my TE100-P1P for US $35 on sale last year, and 
the devices have proved to be very Linux-friendly.

Here's a link.  They have them in both wireless and wired Ethernet.  I 
much, MUCH prefer the wired versions.


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Gianugo Altieri wrote:
>   Hi Terrell,
>   thanks for your help. Sure I will follow your suggestion and, in 
> future, buy printers with on-board Ethernet, but for the time being 
> I'm stuck to the current HP LJ 1015 and CM 1312, and there's no budget 
> for more... A possibility is to let a chubby terminal to act as a 
> printing server. In fact, my Fedora 8 PC that shares the CM 1312 
> printer is visible by both server and thin clients and everyone can 
> print on it. Yet, it still tastes of centralized printing, not exactly 
> the same as enjoying local printers.
> Terrell Prudé Jr. ha scritto:
>> Gianugo Altieri wrote:
>>>    I have a couple of wishes in my list, for K12. First of all, I 
>>> would like to be able to connect printers to thin clients. In fact, 
>>> for safety reasons, server resides in a closed room, and it would be 
>>> impractical to connect a printer to it. A convenient location for 
>>> printers would be beside clients, but it seems clients cannot "see" 
>>> USB printers, or at least our HP laser. Strangely enough, clients 
>>> recognize USB pen-drives, but not USB external DVD readers, so I 
>>> can't figure out why some USB peripherals are working ad some aren't.
>> Hello and welcome, Gianugo,
>> An easier idea might be to get some network printers, i. e. printers 
>> with network cards in them.  Then, you can place the printers 
>> wherever you want, including beside a client if you wish, but they 
>> would still be "connected" to the K12 server through Ethernet.  This 
>> is how we have our printers set up at work, and I do the same at 
>> home.  It's great.
>> --TP
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