[K12OSN] No Frames until Desktop Effects fail

C. Duncan Hudson ltsp at dunc-it.com
Thu Apr 9 17:50:00 UTC 2009

I have several terminals that are successfully using desktop effects - 
they're all running Diskless Workstations 1500 series terminals.  I have 
several other terminals, all Diskless Workstation 1200 terminals, that 
don't appear to be able to take advantage of desktop effects.  I'm fine 
with that - if the hardware can't support it then no bigee, but I'm not 
fine with how things are working.

When the 1200s boot all of the apps load frameless (can't resize, no min 
/ max /close buttons).  In order to get the frames back I have to run 
Desktop Effects (System, Preferences, Look and Feel)  and select Enable 
Desktop Effects.  After the terminal attempts to enable effects, and 
fails, then my frames get created.  This is really a pain, as it has to 
be done after each reboot.  Is there a way to make the selection 
permanent?  Thanks in advance,


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