[K12OSN] directory services in a linux centric cross platform workstation environment

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Fri Apr 17 14:31:43 UTC 2009

Hello Bob:

Bob Mead wrote:

> Bob Mead wrote:
>> Hoover Chan wrote:
>>> re: huge .profile directories slowing things to a crawl
>>> I experienced that but ran out of time to figure it out to a satisfactory conclusion. A pointer to how to solve it?
>> <http://blogs.slane.k12.or.us/tsc/2009/03/13/understanding-%E2%80%A6-them-work-toounderstanding-roaming-profiles-and-making-them-work-too>
> Sorry, lets try this again - here! 
> <http://blogs.slane.k12.or.us/tsc/2009/03/13/understanding-roaming-profiles-and-making-them-work-too/>
I've read your post, and I'm still confused. If you have a minute...
Once you've moved both the user's .profile directory and the 
<username>.SHSD directory, doesn't she lose everything in her profile at 
the next login? How would windows (or the samba server) "know" that all 
the user's stuff is now in a new location?

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