[K12OSN] More feedback on Fedora 10 + LTSP

Joseph Bishay joseph.bishay at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 21:35:36 UTC 2009


On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 4:54 PM, James P. Kinney III
<jkinney at localnetsolutions.com> wrote:
> Lastly: you mentioned hyperthreading cpu's. If they are _really_
> hyperthreaded and not full multi-core, turn _off_ the hyperthreading.
> The F10 kernel threading will thrash royally doing stupid task swapping
> as it seems to not understand that the second cpu is a fake one. There
> is a kernel /proc flag to help this but I can't find it right now
> (again).

This is a really interesting suggestion.  I am using a true
hyper-threading Pentium 4 with Fedora 10.  Is there a simple benchmark
I could run on the LTSP server to compare before and after turning the
hyper-threading on and off?  Something more objective than 'it feels
faster'? :)

> Also be sure to turn off EVERY process not actively used. Some are more
> of a drain on cpu throughput (avahi, a zillion python applets running
> desktop applets for notification - system monitor should be removed!! so
> students won't load it up - it's a HOG)

Is there a definitive list of processes that should be kept on, and
everything else to be turned off?

Thank you

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