[K12OSN] Installing a 1TB Drive on Centos 5

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Fri Apr 24 02:05:52 UTC 2009

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Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Apr 2009, [ISO-8859-1] "Terrell Prud? Jr." wrote:
>> Carl Keil wrote:
>>> Hey People,
>>> Is there anything special I need to do to install and format a 1TB
>>> drive?  I installed a 500Gig drive on an older Fedora installation a
>>> while ago and it wouldn't see the whole drive until I increased the
>>> block size, I'm hoping I don't have to do that on this server.  Is a
>>> 1TB drive basically plug and play on 32 bit Centos 5.
>>> Also, how would you fdisk and format it?  Would you do anything
>>> special filesystem-wise?  I'm pretty new to >300 Gig drives.
>>> Thanks so much,
>>> ck
>> Shouldn't be anything special necessary.  I routinely do 1TB and 2TB
>> partitions on RAID arrays with CentOS and RHEL.  Your 1TB drive should
>> be plug 'n' chug.
>> Now, as to how to partition it, well, that depends on how you're going
>> to use this drive on this system.  Can you give us any details on that
>> so we can best advise you?
>> --TP
> Terrel,
> 	The change in block size on older Fedora is not a red herring. The
> table was sized for 250GB with default block size. I've run into it head
> on at Fedora 3 and I still have a bruise :-)
> 	I am running a 4TB logical volumes with no problems on Centos 5
> and it feels good.
> julius

Oh, really?  Thanks for that FC3 tip.  I hadn't run into that one, 
probably because my K12LTSP demos back then were on 160GB disk drives.  
But indeed, RHEL/CentOS doesn't seem to have any issues.

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