[K12OSN] More feedback on Fedora 10 + LTSP

Gianugo Altieri gianugo.altieri at tiscali.it
Tue Apr 28 06:09:59 UTC 2009

David Hopkins ha scritto:
> ...
> ntop was a little different. The peak for Global Statistics, Traffic
> report stated 130Mb/s.  However, looking at the Network Throughput,
> All Hosts page,  the Peak value for a 10 second interval for the
> server stated 739Mb/s.  if this is really 739Mb/(10sec interval) =
> 73.9, then it seems to agree with iftop (different runs), similarly
> for the hosts, they report values about a factor of 10 above what
> iftop reported for peak instant values.
> The load average on the server with 6 clients running tuxmath was
> 1.12.  This is an 8 processor system (32bit Xeon MP cpu 2.8Ghz) with
> 4Gb of memory.  top showed that there wasn't any swap being used.

    since I'm not so expert, please clarify the BIT vs BYTE issue. Of 
course there is an 8 factor between them, which is not far from a 10 
factor, and can change numbers completely. When speaking of bandwidth 
the numbers are usually expressed in mega bits per second (Mbps) and 
lower-case 'b' means bits. Upper-case 'B' means 'bytes'. I get confused 
when you speak of  "4Gb" of memory. You meant "GB", didn't you? I wonder 
if in other places you meant 'B' for bytes but wrote 'b'. Please clarify.

    Thanks for your tests, which are interesting for us as well

    Gianugo Altieri

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