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Re: [K12OSN] IPCop DNS Issues

Moon wrote:
Also, you may want to check into using OpenDNS as opposed to your service providers DNS servers. I have AT&T here in Georgia and they are notorious for their DNS problems... I changed my gateway to point to OpenDNS and haven't had any more DNS problems...

Thanks. I was planning to use, 2, & 3 as my dns servers but was having trouble figuring out how to make ipcop ignore the dns servers assigned by our isp via dhcp.

I DID finally figure that out, but I'm not at the school so I can't make the adjustment.

It's under Network->Dial-up of all places. I never would have looked there since we are most definitely NOT using dial-up (but these DNS problems sure make it feel that way).

Anyhow, I'm going to try that tomorrow, and if I can't get it resolved that way, I will give pfsense a try (as per your suggestion).

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