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Re: [K12OSN] Guide to enabling Local Apps support?

One point you may want to make in your presentation is that having a 'one architecture to fill all wants' is really expensive, and frankly rather wasteful. Viewing flash video is nice, but how much time each day/week/month do the kids actually spend doing that? Word processing, presentations, non-flash web browsing (e.g., flash isn't needed for reading Wikipedia), etc., probably consume a greater amount of kids' computer time in school, and on LTSP can be done so cheaply, both in software & hardware, that it is practical to put computers everywhere (put a lab in each classroom if you want). IOW, Linux can provide what is needed 90% of the time at 10% of the cost; Windows eats 90% of the budget but only adds value 10% of the time. Perhaps a small Windows lab is necessary for those edge cases, but the primary architecture should be LTSP.


Josh Fryman wrote:

I've set up from the "K12Linux F10 Stable 4 x86-64" a fully working
server.  I have several clients booting into it perfectly.  My clients
are (right now) all i386 units.

The trick is that I want to enable local apps for Firefox + Flash to
begin with, and a few other things later.

The documentation link on the K12LTSP site is broken; the Ubuntu
documentation link is also broken; there are no mailing list posts
that I can find that explain how to actually do this; and the only
things that seem to mention it are LTSP 4.x based.  I find a lot of
references to people saying they got parts working, but no actual

As a bit of background, I'm a long-time Linux user (since mid 90's)
but have never tried to set this up before.  My kids' school district
is facing a massive budget cut (who isn't right now?) and are looking
at any avenue to cut costs and save jobs.  The district's Microsoft
license is due next year, and I've suggested that LTSP + OpenOffice +
etc are a known viable replacement for their needs.

The only glitch I've found in my test setup, which I'm supposed to be
demonstrating next week, is the really slow support for Flash videos
and certain highly-interactive programs from the server-hosted
Firefox.  Some of the material the schools present to kids is in Flash
format from external sites, and it just crawls on my test setup with
beefy server and quite powerful thin clients.  It sounds like the only
solution is local app support for Firefox + flash, but . . . I cannot
seem to find any explanation of how to actually configure it.

If there's a useful (and applicable) URL out there that I've just not
found, or you can provide me with information on how to do this, I
would be grateful.  I'm also willing to write the document that
explains how to make this work, if someone can give me enough bits to
get it going.

Thanks for your time,

Josh Fryman

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