[K12OSN] Feedback from a teacher on FC10/LTSP and Tuxpaint

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Sat Apr 4 22:23:51 UTC 2009

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On Apr 4, 2009, at 5:11 PM, David Hopkins wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 6:03 PM, Peter Scheie  
> <peter at scheie.homedns.org> wrote:
>> LDM_DIRECTX=YES encrypts the login but not the X session.  LTSP 5  
>> does not
>> use gdm, as it has no provision for encryption, and passing user  
>> IDs & PWs
>> cleartext is not a good thing, even in a school setting.  Setting
>> LDM_DIRECTX=NO will encrypt the entire session, which some people  
>> need, but
>> also requires faster hardware in the client.
> So do the same gnome login session scripts run as before?  I had users
> in groups which assigned them desktop icons (added or removed) based
> on group membership.  With the new server, this has stopped working.
> If it isn't related to ldm, then I have something to fix.

I think this is something you can specify in the lts.conf file with  
the rcfile parameter.

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